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The Local


The Local


Butter Chicken: Journey from Local Origin to Global Makeover

Butter Chicken: Journey from Local Origin to Global Makeover Our eyes gleam with joy, the mouth begins to water the moment someone just mentions the iconic Indian dish: Butter Chicken. This classic gravy has not only tantalized the international palate with its authentic blend of cream and spice but also won the hearts with its gentrified...


A Walk Through The Filipino Kitchen

Winnipeg is the melting pot of diverse cultures from around the world and houses a range of culinary options to explore. If I talk about its largest immigrant community—from the tropical land of the Philippines—its growing culinary influence has been seen through Filipino grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants thriving across the city....


Best Easy-Care Annual Flowers to Grow Now

Summer in Winnipeg is all about enjoying brighter evenings and greener neighbourhoods. During this time, who doesn’t love the idea of having their own garden loaded with colourful, leafy flowers!     Annual flowers , known for their striking seasonal blooms, come in vibrant shades and sizes at local garden centres. However, the real...


Roll Into The Weekend With These Must-Have Vegetarian Lobster Mushroom Rolls

Lobster Mushroom Rolls might just become your new favourite excuse to consume bread and mayonnaise! Similar to a classic lobster roll, this vegetarian version uses lobster mushrooms as a substitute and makes the perfect summer weekend dinner. Lobster mushrooms get their name from their visual similarity to cooked lobster, as well as their somewhat...


Whiskey & Coke Halloumi | The Perfect Recipe To Celebrate Dad

On Father's Day , a lot of us tend to default to the category of grilling. Instead of raging against that stereotype, why not embrace it differently?   Halloumi is the perfect way to do that. If you're not familiar with Halloumi⁠, it's a semi-hard cheese that originates from Cyprus, and you can find in the cheese aisle of your local grocery...


Jimel's Bakery - Baking Bread And Raising Community Spirit

The husband and wife team of Jamie (Jim) and Imelda (Mel) Adao immigrated to Canada in 2005 and a year later, they started Jimel's Bakery from their kitchen. It was from these humble beginnings that Jim and Mel baked their products and offered them to the Winnipeg Filipino community. They worked tirelessly, perfecting their versions of traditional...


10 Reasons To Shop Local Online in 2020 - How To Support Winnipeg Local Businesses

10 Reasons To Shop Local Online in 2020 - How To Support Winnipeg Local Businesses    Shopping local and supporting small businesses in your community has never been more important than right now. Local entrepreneurs range from grocers, bakers, makers, brewers, florists, beauty salons and service providers, and it’s these businesses that...


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