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Jimel's Bakery - Baking Bread And Raising Community Spirit


The husband and wife team of Jamie (Jim) and Imelda (Mel) Adao immigrated to Canada in 2005 and a year later, they started Jimel's Bakery from their kitchen. It was from these humble beginnings that Jim and Mel baked their products and offered them to the Winnipeg Filipino community.

They worked tirelessly, perfecting their versions of traditional Filipino bread and pastries, like Baked Empanada, Toasted & Steamed Siopao and Ube Cheese Pandesal. Their hard work soon paid off, as the demand for their products from the Filipino community led to the opening of their first bakery.

In 2007, Jimel's Bakery opened its doors, as one of Winnipeg's first Filipino bakeries. Nestled in the Exchange District at 417 Bannatyne Avenue, the bakery has become a landmark in the community, known for its freshness, quality ingredients, price and friendly customer service.

If you are looking for an olfactory and gastronomy experience like no other, then step inside and prepare to be delighted by traditional Filipino bread and pastries baked fresh every day, using only the highest quality ingredients.


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On the shelves, you'll find a boundless variety of Filipino fresh-baked bread, such as Pan De Coco (Coconut Bun) and Jimel's Deluxe Halo-Halo, a traditional and popular Filipino iced drink (full of surprises in each glass). Pro Tip: If you love bread, hot Pandesal wrapped in a brown paper bag is served every morning at 9:00 a.m. Other favourites include Ensaymada (Brioche), Swiss Ube (Yam Bun), Spanish Bread, Munggo Rolls, Pinagong and Dinuguai, to name but a few.

The Adao's have worked hard to grow their bakery into a fruitful family business. As their popularity began to rise beyond the Filipino community, they developed a successful partnership, in 2009, with Lucky Supermarket, as the official supplier of Filipino pastries. Other partnerships followed suit with Youngs Market & Youngs Trading in 2010, Save On Foods in 2016; Safeway, Sobeys, Freshco, No Frills in 2018 and finally, Seafood City in 2019. 

In 2017, they opened a second branch at 660 Sheppard Street, in The Maples. This location offers baked goods and a casual family-friendly restaurant, serving up the rich flavours of Asian meals. Now, everyone can experience the delicious flavours of breakfast, brunch and the featured all-day Silog, a Filipino breakfast combination.

It's not hard to see that the Adeo's have built a proud family tradition of baking. You see it in their warm smiles, their work ethic and their community spirit. This genuine love of baking and strong family bond extends to their sons, who are bakers and to their daughter, who manages the restaurant. 

"Jimel's Bakery has become the Filipino community's home away from home. The community is also very proud of the success of Jimel's because it makes them proud to be Filipinos." - Elaine Tumbokon

Being first has become an Adao trademark. Now, in 2020, My-cart.ca is proud to welcome Jimel's Bakery as its first partner. Shop Jimel's Bakery's top-selling products online at My-cart.ca. Order online and pay with your order by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Or, conveniently pay with your debit card or credit card when you pick up your order.

Top Customer Reviews:

If you are new to Filipino baked goods, then you must try their most-loved items, all backed up by glowing Google reviews.  

  • "The Pandesal dinner rolls are delicious."
  • "Love [the] Pork Buns and Siopao." 
  • "My husband and I love the Swiss Ubes and the Pinagongs!! So delicious!"
  • "...I would go here early every morning to buy some fresh warm Pandesal. The way they make these buns remind me of Cavite back home. I am salivating right now just typing this review haha. The owner is especially friendly if you catch her there at the front counter. The place is quite small, but they make the favourite flavours of the Philippines..."
  • "Ensaymada. It is like a french brioche, here they offer it in two flavours. First is just buttercream and white sugar on top, the 2nd is filled with purple yam or in our culture, it is called Ube. Pronounced as ooo-bay. Another favourite here is Hopia."
  • "...I also enjoy their Buko Pie. Which is basically a coconut pie. So instead of apples in a flaky crust, this is creamy coconut filling and in a flaky pie crust. Their Buko Pie is rich, if you do pick one up, make sure you are a fan of coconut."


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