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Who We Are

My-cart is a passionate team of diverse e-commerce professionals, with over 20 years of experience, who have worked in the North American, European and Asian markets. We know the power of online shopping and want to provide small and medium-sized local businesses, with or without an e-commerce website, the opportunity to sell their products online and be a strategic partner supporting local businesses to survive & thrive in today's challenging economic environment.

We also know that customers love supporting local and want an amazing online shopping experience. So, in this age of social distancing, customers can shop locally at any time of the day and have their purchase delivered quickly. Our goal is to equalize the online playing field so communities win.

Our Mission


Our mission is simple - Make a difference in our communities by connecting diverse small and medium-sized businesses to online customers who want choice and convenience.

Our Vision

Be the leader in empowering local businesses with an online shopping presence and a fair play local marketplace, globally. We want small businesses & entrepreneurs to thrive, survive and win in this challenging economic environment. At the same time, provide consumers with an alternative to shopping the big mega-brand companies by offering a professionally built Commerce platform with a shopping app (coming soon!) where they can shop diverse products and services from their local communities. Because, when we take action at a local level, we all win.

Ready to win? Check out How to become a Seller at your My-cart Local Marketplace