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Why Partner With Us?


We are My-Cart.ca, and we want to empower communities by empowering local businesses. We recognize that being an entrepreneur is challenging but also rewarding. So, we want to support local businesses with a 100% Local online e-commerce marketplace.

Our mission is simple: to help small, local and diverse businesses get their products and services online quickly and economically. We provide an inclusive and diverse space for everyone to grow and prosper.

Join our diverse and inclusive community of local entrepreneurs who want to survive and thrive in this challenging time, by connecting with existing customers and reaching new ones.

During the COVID-19 pandemic,online spending grew by 10%-30% across grocery and non-grocery purchases, so having an online store is vital if you want to survive and thrive. Like it or not, the result is that online shopping is new normal for almost all businesses.

When you join our Local Marketplace, you'll be:

  • Taking control of your business
  • Helping communities thrive
  • Growing your online community of customers and advocates


Join My-Cart Local Marketplace


Service Self-served Managed service -Recommended
On-boarding or setup charges No On-boarding charges Request for Quote
Monthly Fee No Monthly Fee No Monthly Fee
Online product publishing  Free  Included
Unlimited product upload  Free- for the first 40 products uploaded by us. It is Free for you to upload more products on your own  Included
Cash on Delivery / Curbside pickup  Free  Included
On-boarding & training on self-served managing online products&  Free  Included
Direct interaction with your customers via Chat, Phone, Email  Free -as our partner, it is totally Free for you to contact your customers directly via our web platform

Create custom store page / landing page(s) Not Included - we provide you with training  Included
Featured products (on a category page and/or landing page) Not Included  Included
Special promotions Not Included  Included
Online payment Credit Card, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal Credit Card, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay. PayPal

Checkout Advantages of marketplace

We are a team of six Winnipeg e-commerce professionals, from diverse backgrounds, and are passionate about supporting and partnering with local businesses.We have worked in the North American, European and Asian markets over the past 20 years, so you are in expert hands! 

My-Cart.ca is a very economical platform where entrepreneurs can easily expand and develop their own e-commerce store(s) in no time at all. We provide the following services:

It's never been simpler and fast to sign-up, simply fill in our short form with your business details and agree to the Terms & Conditions. After we confirm your application, we will meet you to find out more about your business and give you a personalized tour of our platform. During our introductory offer, we will provide training on how to sell online and assist you through the onboarding process, then our merchandising and social media experts will get to work to help sell your products online.  

If you want or need more help running your online store and promotions, we can help to promote your business with our e-commerce friendly managed services.

We are eager to show you how easy it is to get your business online with My-Cart.ca. If you need further information, email us on [email protected] to redefine your business and your community, or:

Join My-Cart Local Marketplace