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"All my needs for our online shop fulfilled." Savita, Online Express

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Reach Millions of Canadian shoppers online - FAST

My-Cart provides a cost effective way for small local businesses to sell products/ services online. 

But, why another Marketplace?

Online market has been flooded with dozens of marketplaces; unfortunately, none of them really focuses on communities or local sellers. All marketplace has one goal, to drive traffic to their website.

Small businesses are the backbone of communities across Canada. They account for 98 percent of all Canadian businesses and represent 98 percent of businesses in Manitoba. Small businesses play a vital role in serving the community from creating local jobs, keeping the tax dollars within the community, helping the environment, to giving back to other local businesses.
Local sellers are the driven force of local economy. In this digital age, they are losing business to the big-box stores and e-commerce giants; many small businesses had to close their doors. Experienced how the pain during lock-down, quarantine, pandemic affected communities and the economy, we decided to start My-Cart.ca marketplace to solely focus on supporting inclusive local sellers, which means supporting our domestic economy. 

COVID-19 and the tragic injustices experienced by our Black and Indigenous communities have impacted every aspect of our lives—from businesses to consumers—we are all affected. So, we want to step up and do our part to help local businesses thrive by supporting Black-owned, Indigenous-owned and New or small Canadian-owned businesses with the platform and voice to thrive equally.

My-Cart is built with Omni-channel mindset to increase in-store engagements and drive more traffic (customers) to stores with in-store/ curbside pickup enabled on our marketplace. At the same time, we provide an infinite stage to the local sellers so that they can showcase their products nationally.

We also keep the marketplace share lowest in the industry, so that sellers will get the most profit from selling their products.

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