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Seller Benefits

What will you get as a Seller 

@My-cart Marketplace?

A complementary micro-site within our marketplace 

My-cart provides a convenient way to create YOUR OWN e-Store that translates the business theme you want to convey to your customers. Our platform also allows the creation of a few features on your micro-site:

  • Create blogs, publish content or news
  • Create and publish landing pages. product collection pages that reflect the essence and specialty of your business
  • Collaborate with your influencer or writer network for blog posts to promote the business within your micro-site  

Easy Onboarding 

  • Backed up by strong e-Commerce professionals who will support you in online merchandising, provide you with hands-on trainings to get your e-Store online 
  • We provide training and instructions over all the topics above 
  • We offer a complementary of 40 product uploads by us ~ worth $200 
  • No limit on the number of products you can sell on My-cart marketplace

Exclusive Access

  • Access to run and configure your promotions. This is not usually offered in other marketplaces
  • Pay on curbside pickup available
  • Flexibility to choose your shipping partners. There are various shipping carriers for you to choose from. You can also create a custom shipping option including store pickup and local delivery which are more aligned with your business. My-cart team will help you to configure it. 
  • Specify your Store’s policies for returns, refunds or exchanges policy. My-cart promotes flexible return policies for our customers 
  • Ability to assign granular access levels in My-cart.ca’s system for your team members 
  • Enhanced Reviews and ratings for products and store 
  • Rewards for your loyal customers (coming soon!) 


My-cart offers a great variety of promotions for your Store: 

  • Buy together
  • Discount on products
  • Free shipping based on order value or product 
  • My-cart will show a countdown timer for limited time promotions
  • My-cart’s Intelligent logic picks all best promotions and promote them at appropriate places in the marketplace for you
  • Promotions can be pre-scheduled for a time window 

Shipping Options

  • My-Cart provides Sellers with access to following shipping carriers
    • Canada Post
    • DHL
    • FedEx
    • UPS
    • USPS
  • You can also configure a custom shipping options based on your business model 
  • Rules can be applied on shipping to make it free based on order value and/ or location 

We promote in-store engagements with Pickup from store and local deliveries


My-cart provides a secure way for online transaction and provide security at bank level, PCI compliant 

  • My-cart accepts payments by
    • Visacard
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

Trusted Technology 

  • A technologically secured marketplace 
  • Newest e-Commerce technologies applied for your Online Store to provide your customers with the best shopping experience 
  • Access to our Seller’s newsletters for the latest online selling tactics
  • Guaranteed fast website speed and consistent performance with > 99% up time 

Fee Friendly 

  • No Sign-up fee
  • No monthly fee 
  • Lowest marketplace commission*
  • No cancellation fee

*compared with other marketplaces of the same quality, we are offering the lowest commission model in the market. Why?

Why a low cost for your business? Our direction is to invest in a customised- big scale, stable, scalable, high-tech platform that fulfills all the feature sets required for any e-Commerce business. Coming from e-Commerce, Technology and Digital Marketing backgrounds, our experts have worked in companies/ industries that took years of man hours to develop these valuable e-Commerce features for the Online shoppers. 

This technology-focused investment is one of our key strategies to save us and our Sellers future recurring cost. Thus, we are proud to offer you with a very competitive fee to run your Online business and prosper. 

My-cart.ca marketplace is to support local businesses, we made it simple and easy to use for Sellers. Our My-cart team would love to be a trusted partner with you to build a strong new normal for our Canadian’s economy. 

Become A Seller